✨5 chic ways to wear high-waisted jeans ✨

” I really need new clothes. “


🇺🇸Every time I go shopping I’ll look for jeans.

I am fan of jeans and I like to wear them in any combination.

Five combinations when you have no idea or do not have time to choose an outfit.


De fiecare data cand plec la cumparaturi ma uit la blugi.

Sunt fan declarat al blugilor si imi place sa-i port in toate combinatile posibile .

Cinci  combinati pentru cand nu aveti idei sau timp sa alegeti un outfit.


1. Jeans&Shirt | Blugi & Camasa

2. Jeans&T-shirt | Blugi&Tricou 

3.Jeans& Blouse | Blugi& Bluza 

4.Jeans&Body | Blugi&Body

5.Jeans&Sweater | Blugi&Pulover


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